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  • Founded in 2013, TeePublic is now the world’s largest marketplace for independent creators to sell their work printed to order on the highest-quality merchandise. TeePublic had not only a huge wealth of data but an immensely diverse customer base who came not for TeePublic, but for the artists producing work through TeePublic.

    TeePublic struggled with lookalike campaigns, remarketing, and re-engagement because their data was not consolidated and was impossible to segment within meaningful parameters. 

    With Simon Data’s category-shifting marketing automation platform, TeePublic was able to:

    • Build and size seed audiences with common design interests to enhance Facebook lookalike modeling
    • Maximize re-engagement incrementality by allocating more budget to those less active in email or unsubscribed
    • Provide an independent testing framework to confirm the incrementality of remarketing and re-engagement spend

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