Listen, think and speak to your customers.
From one, centralized platform.

With Simon Without Simon

After Simon Before Simon

Core Platform

  • Unify, explore, and action on all client data – irrespective of latency, type, or size – that leverages your existing infrastructure.

  • No-code audience management: all your data in one place for more nuanced and dynamic segmentation.

  • Transparent identity resolution: self-service identity tooling for marketers to maximize the number of interactions resolved to an actionable identity.

Simon X Experience Cloud

  • Essential CDP capabilities, enabling teams to ingest, explore and unify all of their customer data.

  • A customer experience management platform that prioritizes data, customer intelligence, and cross-channel campaign management throughout.

  • Message delivery into and across owned media channels, with ability to integrate and streamline workflows across ad channels and more, manage inbox placement, deliverability, content and preference management.

Benefits Overview

Unified Identity

Realize a customer's full contextual identity and leverage it everywhere you engage with your customers with the tools you're already using.

Dynamic, highly personalized content

Create consistent experiences across all your end channels.

Centralized Orchestration

With faster, more reliable data access and centralized orchestration, you can ensure that all your customer experiences are connected.

Enable Collaboration

Streamline operations, reduce inefficiencies and refine workflows across your teams.

Actionable Insights

Leverage comprehensive user profiles between all channels and generate additional data points to better inform and optimize your customer experiences.

Security & Governance

  • Confidently maintain data reliability & integrity.

  • SOC 2 compliance: Simon is committed to upholding industry security standards and managing risk, allowing marketers to rest assured and focus on building better relationships with their customers.

  • GDPR compliant: Simon can help manage identity integrity across emails, duplicative accounts, emails and more.

Workflow Enhancing Integrations

  • Simon’s extensive and customizable platform makes it easy to integration into any data source you use or plan to use.

  • Flexibility to better personalize your customer experiences.

  • Easily build personalized experiences and coordinate data across your marketing channels.

Useful Resources

Simon is a Smart Hub purpose-built to ensure that what the customer wants is never lost.